Marketing and Communication Office

The objective of the Marketing and Communication Office is to inform the general public about the activities of the university in the fields of studies, science and development, to develop marketing activities and to guarantee effective internal communication between members of the university.

The activities of the Office are:

  • Counselling members of the university and its partners in their sphere of activity
  • Maintaining and developing the university’s brand
  • Developing media relations
  • Producing promotional materials for the university and developing the visual identity of the university
  • Planning and coordinating university events, including conferences, seminars and exhibitions
  • Managing the university’s internal communication network
  • Contributing to the development of relations with the partners of the university
  • Strategic planning of further training and university-level education at the national (Estonian) and international levels
  • Producing technical solutions for photos, videos, short films and social media in cooperation with partners
  • Organizing activities connected with partnerships and alumni relations
  • Analysing the productivity of internal and external communication; evaluating the university’s marketing strategy and reputation