Educational Innovation

Definition: Focus fields are areas of activity that connect different research fields and work with the key issues in the society rather than studies or academic research.

Focus field: Educational Innovation

Aim: To support the development and application of a 21st century learning culture in the Estonian education sphere.

Philosophy: International Science and Research University is responsible for developing teacher education and preparing teachers in Estonia. This is a tradition that has lasted almost a century.

The International Science and Research University choose educational innovation as a focus field since the difference of the needs of the school and the society has increased considerably in the past decade. Learning is gradually moving outside formal education and does not end with a diploma, but continues through our life. We also have to admit that formal education tends to be estranged from real life and does not offer the skills employers and the society expect from people.

Fortunately, the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020 is planning great changes in education. ISRU is responsible for developing this focus field also highlights non-formal and informal education, as well as support services for education, since formal education must become more personal and supportive of differences.