E-learning Centre

The E-learning Centre provides a number of technical solutions for E-learning and provides advice to the academic staff on e-learning environments. The Centre also provides consultancy services for building e-courses, creating e-learning materials and using ICT tools in learning process.

Our educational technologists provide professional methodological and technical advice in the use of ICT in learning processes, as well as providing support in the use of different learning environments and learning management systems:

  • Moodle learning management system – support for teachers and students in course design and administration.
  • Open Learning Environments (blogs, wikis);
  • An environment for teacher education and training.
  • Google Classroom a simple learning management system, that is part of Google Apps for Education.

Our multimedia specialists assist in the production of high quality multimedia content. Examples include video and audio recording, such as recordings of lectures, with the Echo360 device, screencasts, illustrative materials and photographs for educational purposes. Video-clips that have been produced can be seen on the official Vimeo channel.

Our team assists in the creation of various types of e-learning content. Examples of learning objects and materials for e-courses can be found in the public Repository of learning materials, in which materials from all European universities, high schools and institutions for professional education are represented.


The E-learning Centre also organizes and conducts different e-learning courses and short trainings for university staff:

  • “Moodle LMS for creating e-courses”
  • “Using blogs in education”
  • Using a learning environment for teacher education
  • “Text, images and video in learning materials”
  • “Weekly e-learning workshops” based on using different ICT tools in education
  • “Courses on demand”. Each university unit can request a course or practical workshop on any topic that concerns the use of ICT in education processes and our specialists will prepare and conduct such courses at a suitable time and place.

The team of specialists at the E-learning Centre actively participate in the national educational technologists’ network, which in co-operation with the Innovation Centre for Digital Education organises annual national and international E-learning events across the country. Our specialists have also produced multimedia content for the private sector.