Language Courses

I level

Business English Intermediate I
Business English I (only BBL programme)
Business English Communication I (for MBA programme)
German for Beginners
Russian for Beginners
French for Beginners
Spanish for Beginners
Estonian for Beginners


II level

Business English Intermediate II
Business English II (only for BBL prgramme)
English for Business Communication II (for MBA programme)
Elementary German
Elementary Russian
Elementary French
Elementary Spanish
Elementary Estonian


III level

Business English Advanced I
Pre-Intermediate German course
Pre-Intermediate Russian course
Pre-Intermediate French course
Pre-Intermediate Spanish course
Pre-Intermediate Estonian course


IV level

Business English Advanced II
Academic and Business English (for master students)
Business German
Business Russian
Business French
Culture of Spain
Business Estonian


All courses are worth 3 ECTS.
It is 16-60 ac/h depending on study mode – (full time study or distance study).
Courses are held from September until December and from February until May. Exams are in January and June.