Declaration of Subjects

The students are obliged to declare courses by August 1st for fall semester and January 15th for spring semester. The declaration can be compiled in the study information system . The curriculum serves as the basis for compiling the declaration. The curriculum can be found in it.
To declare your subjects, choose the link “Declarations”. The system automatically offers your study group’s standard study program for the spring semester (unless you have not taken the relevant prerequisite subjects or have failed to pass them).
For students taking standard programs:
If you agree with the list of subjects offered to you, click “confirm declaration”.
If you declare courses following the nominal programme, all you need to do is select the optional courses and foreign language(s). NB! Confirmation of your declaration is very important because the study consultant only takes into account confirmed declarations and your account will only be completed on the basis of your confirmed declaration.

For students taking individual programs:

If you want to change the subjects offered to you follow the steps below.

1. to delete subjects, click the link after the subject
2. to add subjects you have two alternatives:

  1. to select additional subjects from your study program, click “declare round from your curricula”, then you can open your study program where subjects are divided using different colours into the following categories
  2. to select additional subjects from other study programmes and/or together with other study groups, use the search tools at the bottom of the page – click “add course”. You can now look for your desired subjects by study group and by subject. Having found the subject, click “add the subject”.
  3. Finalize the declaration by clicking the link “confirm declaration”. Study consultants in the study department can answer all questions and problems arising in the course of declaring. Please contact with us.