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A conversation: Public Health

Lead and impact positive health change

Learn how to improve quality of life for people in your community and around the world with the ISRU’s APHEA-accredited online Master of Public Health (MPH). Our programme’s integrated research approach to public health, offers you the opportunity to develop a toolkit of practical skills to help create and lead positive change.

Connect and learn with experienced health professionals

Through interaction with the international faculty and your peers, you’ll have the opportunity to explore health problems impacting your local community. You will also discuss health problems affecting communities in other parts of the world, in both low and high income areas. You’ll examine public health issues ranging from disease prevention and clean water initiatives, through to lifestyle epidemics such as obesity, smoking and more.

The online environment and module assignments are designed to mirror a real-world public health setting. Through preparation of policy documents and grant proposals in-line with global industry requirements, you’ll have the opportunity to gain practical skills needed for decision-making jobs in health.

Develop advanced research skills with a research leader

The ISRU has one of the highest ratings of research that has been deemed to have a significant impact on society or environment. Through our integrated research approach, you’ll have the opportunity to master both quantitative and qualitative research, and understand the appropriate use of research methods in producing valid and relevant evidence to address different aspects of public health problems.

The online Master of Public Health (MPH) programme is offered in a general track and with two specialisations: International Public Health and Management of Health Systems.

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