Orthopaedic Surgery

The goal is to provide a balanced educational program that will graduate orthopaedists of the highest quality. Our mission is to educate; to instill a desire for continued learning and thoughtful questioning, and to graduate residents who fulfill the six general competencies as outlined. We accomplish this by having a residency with supervised, accountable educational programs; and by having each of the affiliated hospitals fulfill a specific educational need.

It is a five-year program. Four residents are accepted each year through the National Resident Matching Program. The first year of post-graduate education (internship) provides a customized, balanced, and academically rigorous experience in general and surgical specialities, radiology and orthopaedics. The four years of orthopaedic education occurs at each of our affiliated hospitals: 2 years at  Medical Center, 2 year at Hospitals. Clinical Rotations are identical for all residents in the program.