Teaching medical students is an important aspect of the Neurosurgery DepartmentĀ¹s educational mission. There are on average one to two medical students on our service at a given time. These include two-week rotations of third or fourth-year students on their surgery block and one month sub-internship students, many of whom are interested in pursuing a career in Neurosurgery. Medical Students on clinical rotations learn how to evaluate and treat patients with acute neurological conditions. They perform consultations, evaluate patients in the Emergency Room, see patients in the outpatient clinic, and scrub in on surgical cases. They also learn about the surgical treatment of patients with brain and spinal disorders. Medical Students participate in conferences on Neurosurgery Case Presentation, Neuroradiology, Morbidity and Mortality, Neuropathology, and Journal Club. The sub-internship students are required to give a 15-minute presentation on a relevant neurosurgical topic at the conclusion of the rotation. We also encourage medical students to conduct research in our department.