Textiles / Fibres

The Textiles/Fibers degree provides an immersive academic experience in which students master the fundamentals of the form. Through advanced coursework, students explore the nuances of artistic avenues that best complement their professional and creative goals.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles/Fibers is a four-year, 120 credit hour immersive course of study of the Textiles/Fibers medium.
NOTE: Students pursuing the B.F.A. in Visual Art may choose to focus primarily on Textiles/Fibers in their intermediate/advanced studies.

The first year is spent in Foundations where students focus on the development of their creative and technical skills.

After the foundation year, Textiles/Fibers students will pursue instruction on a broad range of textile approaches and techniques including complex weave structures, textile design software and technology skills, sewing, screen printing, fabric and yarn dyeing, felting, quilting, knitting, knotting, bound resist, transfer printing, embroidery, and other techniques depending on interests and coursework.

Ten of these hours are capstone courses (normally taken both semesters of senior year) in which students work independently on the development of a cohesive portfolio of work that is strong in technique and concept. The textiles/fibers Senior Studio is a designated workspace in which seniors are the only occupants. The department furnishes the studio with the tools and equipment each senior needs for their individual projects (loom, print table, sewing machine).

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